Types of Trademark in India

Have you ever purchased a product by looking at its logo or icon, just because it looks familiar. Different Brands use their particular Logo or Design along with their names. This helps them to.....
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Trademark Registration Fees 2023

The expenditures involved in obtaining legal protection for an identifying or differentiating symbol, word, phrase, design, or combination of these are referred to as trademark registration fees.
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Differences Between a Will and an Estate Plan

An estate plan includes a detailed strategy for handling and allocating one's assets both before and after death. It consists of a variety of agreements and legal papers that are adapted to each....
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What are Bailable and Non Bailable offences?

In the majority of nations around the world, including India, bail is an essential component of the criminal justice system. Infractions are divided into compoundable, non-compoundable, bailable.
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What is a Probate Lawyer?

A lawyer with expertise in the complexities of the probate procedure, which deals with the division of a deceased person's assets and estate, is known as a probate lawyer.
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Penalty for not Filing ITR

A person's earnings for a fiscal year are detailed in an income tax return, which is a condensed document. the cost of not reporting an ITRP Every year, taxpayers are required to file their returns..
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Fence Laws in Florida

Fences offer privacy, delineate boundaries, and raise the value of a property. There are some specifications that must be satisfied regardless of the type of fence that is built. When installing.....
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Purge Law Illinois

Following the murder of George Floyd, Illinois passed a series of extensive improvements to the criminal justice system that will take effect in January 2023.
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Section  35 D of Income Tax Act 

The principal piece of legislation that controls how people, businesses, and other entities are taxed in India is the Income Tax Act, 1961. Certain expenses associated to starting or growing .....
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Difference between Lawyer and Advocate

: Were you also the one who used to believe that Advocates and Lawyers are the same? Well, they are not. Many people have a misconception that Advocates and Lawyers are the same and ends up calling...
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