All you need to know about Kentucky Guardianship of Minors                                                                                                                              

If you have a kid under the age of 18, regardless of your financial situation or the complexity of your estate planning needs, you should make a will in order to name a guardian for the child.

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A legal guardianship is a unique kind of legal arrangement that occurs in the context of family law when an adult consents to take on legal accountability for a youngster.....

A guardianship is a contractual arrangement among an eligible adult (the guardian) and his child, who may be a juvenile (someone under the age of 18) or an adult who is legally disabled.

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A guardianship gives the guardian authority and custody over the ward's personal affairs, including decisions about daily routines and medical treatment.

Most children in Kentucky have a parent acting as their legal guardian, and this arrangement can be established without the need for formal court proceedings.

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When selecting a guardian, the District Court considers the nominees made by the minor or the last surviving parent before selecting the person....

Prior appointments made by will or but prior the minor turned 14 take second place to the minor's chance to choose his or her own guardian.