Colorado Divorce Law                                                                                                                                   

It's possible that you will have a lot of questions after you decide that it doesn't make sense for your marriage to continue or if your spouse has made the decision to file.

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Understanding Colorado’s divorce procedures and rules is essential if you want to achieve the best results for your circumstances.

1. Colorado must have personal jurisdiction over the respondent spouse, 2. At least 91 days must have passed since the other spouse received the summons,

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Prior to going into the specifics of how to file for divorce, it’s critical to comprehend the several divorce and separation options that are available in Colorado.

It states unequivocally that a marriage was void from the start. It differs from a divorce in that it declares that a valid marriage never existed rather than dissolving the marriage.

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A court ruling defining a couple’s rights and obligations when they are still married but living apart is known as a legal separation.

Legal separation does not lead to divorce, but for some people it can be the first step in that direction. Others may feel their hearts grow fonder when they are absent.