Difference between  Lawyer and Advocate

By Vishal Vivek                                                                                                                                                 

Were you also the one who used to believe that Advocates and Lawyers are the same? Well, they are not.

an advocate is a skilled and licenced professional who represents their client in court in exchange for payment. 

Advocates aim to obtain a favourable ruling or judgement for their clients while making an argument on their behalf.

A legal expert who has graduated from law school with a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree is referred to as a “lawyer” in common terms.

Difference between a lawyer and an advocate A lawyer is a person with legal training who works as a lawyer, a counsellor, an advisor, a solicitor, or a barrister.

Advocates are trained to represent their clients in court and are considered to be legal professionals with specialised knowledge in the law. I

It’s crucial to remember that in India, a lawyer and an advocate differ in that a lawyer cannot appear in a court of law. He is not in a position to present a case before the court.

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