Fence Laws in Florida

By Vishal Vivek                                                                                                                                                 

If the property is an empty lot, it may be governed by, as regulations differ between places and governmental entities.

If a landowner decides to construct a border fence, the neighbouring landowner is not required to contribute to the cost unless it was previously agreed.

A well-drafted written agreement will go a long way towards preventing future disagreement. A border fence agreement should contain:

On the other hand, if the branches are dead, your neighbour must take care of them or risk being held liable for any harm the falling branches cause to your property.

Regarding these creeping branches, Florida has laws. Depending on the state of the tree, you may be able to legally prune any branches that extend over your property boundary.

– The gate’s latches must be placed on the side facing the pool, at a minimum distance of 45 inches from the bottom and 3 inches from the top.

– Cannot be situated so close to a permanent structure (like a shed) that it would be possible for someone to scale the fence

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