Grounds of Divorce in India 2023

By Vishal Vivek                                                                                                                                                 

In Indian society, the idea of divorce is significantly changing, departing from the long-standing conventions that stigmatized it.

India has a strong tradition of viewing marriage as holy and divorce as an extremely rare occurrence that is frequently shrouded in societal stigma.

But during the past few decades, a number of circumstances have helped divorce become a more popular and accessible alternative.

Perspectives on women’s rights inside marriage have changed significantly as a result of economic development and education, particularly among women.

Legal changes, such as the Special Marriage Act and the Hindu Marriage Act, have streamlined the divorce process and given spouses legal options.

These reasons for divorce aim to achieve a balance between protecting the sanctity of marriage and acknowledging the fundamental rights of individuals as Indian society continues to change.

The abandoned spouse may seek for divorce on the grounds of desertion if one of the spouses willingly separates from the other for at least two years.

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