Is  Exploitation  a  Crime?                                                                                                                                

The act of exploiting weak people or resources for personal benefit poses serious ethical issues in many areas

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Usually, someone will take advantage of another person, an item, or a resource for their own benefit. Exploitation, in general, is the practise of unfairly taking advantage of another person.

Employers will engage in exploitative practises to reduce production costs while increasing productivity by imposing lengthy workdays..

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Power disparities can skew assessments of the degree of coercion or manipulation involved and make it difficult to decide if a behaviour actually falls under the category of exploitation.

People from other cultures may see certain rules and customs to be exploitative. When moral frameworks and values contradict, deciding where cultural customs and exploitation end becomes difficult

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It takes careful consideration of values like justice, autonomy, fairness, and the intrinsic dignity of people to navigate these moral conundrums in exploitation.

It has become clear that extensive analysis and a detailed comprehension of the context in which exploitation happens are necessary for determining its criminality.