Types of Trademark in India

By Vishal Vivek                                                                       

Have you ever purchased a product by looking at its logo or icon, just because it looks familiar. Different Brands use their particular Logo or Design along with their names.

The main purpose of a trademark is to distinguish it from other brands that belong to the same class of goods and services; therefore, a distinctive mark serves this purpose best.

When a trademark is used on a product or good rather than a service, it is referred to as a product mark.

The sole distinction between the service mark and the product mark is that the service mark is applied to any service rather than a specific product. It functions for every non-product item

Typically, a wordmark or a device mark is used to file a trademark. A wordmark is used to represent a brand when no other stylized or decorative components are present.

A certification mark is a form of trademark that designates a product’s origin, material, quality, or any other particulars that the owner specifies.

A shape mark is a specific kind of trademark that is used to protect a product’s or good’s shape so that the consumer can recognise that the product is connected to a specific manufacturer

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