Abortion laws in California 2024

Abortion laws in California:- Every pregnant Californian has the legal right to elect to undergo an abortion before to viability under state law.  When a physician concludes that the foetus may survive outside the uterus without the need for drastic medical intervention, the pregnancy is considered viable.

Abortion laws in California
Abortion laws in California

In California, you can also have an abortion whenever you want to safeguard your health or life.

Is abortion Legal in California? 

In California, there is a fundamental right for expectant mothers to choose whether or not to have an abortion; there is no requirement to give a cause or medical explanation for doing so. Both state law and the Constitution of California safeguard this privilege. 

A state constitution amendment that explicitly safeguards access to contraception and abortion was approved by California voters in 2022. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organisation ruling from the US Supreme Court in 2022, which struck down the federal right to an abortion, has no bearing on your ability to obtain one in California.

In California, an abortion is only prohibited beyond the point of viability, which is the time at which a doctor concludes, using good faith medical judgement, that there is a fair chance the foetus would live outside the uterus without the need for drastic medical intervention.

Reproduction Rights Protection

AB-2223: Safeguarding the Right to Procreate

The bill guarantees that no one in California will be the subject of an inquiry, legal action, or jail time for terminating a pregnancy or suffering a miscarriage. In addition to safeguarding reproductive freedom, the measure grants individuals who have had their rights infringed the ability to sue in civil courts on a private basis.

Assembly member Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) stated, “Every Californian should feel secure that they can seek reproductive healthcare – regardless of the outcome of their pregnancy – without fear of becoming the subject of a criminal investigation.”

Rights of under-18s to abortion:

Anyone can freely consent to receiving an abortion in California, regardless of age.

Concerning legal rights and obligations for teenagers in California with regard to sex, pregnancy, and motherhood, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California provides responses to inquiries.

Information on your rights as a foster youth in California is available in a fact sheet from the Reproductive Health Equity Project for Foster Youth.

What choices do I have in California for an abortion?

You must choose the method that is most appropriate for you among the various options available to obtain an abortion.

There are two alternatives available during the first trimester (0–13 weeks): a procedural abortion or pharmacological abortion, commonly referred to as the “abortion pill”.

  • Medication abortion: Mifepristone and misoprostol, two FDA-approved medications, can be prescribed by doctors to end a pregnancy within the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Telehealth abortion is permitted in California, so you can get an internet consultation with a doctor and have pills mailed to you. 
  • Procedural abortion: The uterus can be manually or mechanically suctioned empty up until the 13-week mark. Local anaesthesia is typically used, and the procedure is carried out at a physician’s office or clinic.

Can I take time off from school for abortion? (Abortion laws in California)

Indeed. Students in California public schools are permitted to miss class to attend doctor appointments for “confidential medical services,” which include abortions. 

You need permission from your school to attend your appointment. Your school is not allowed to inquire about the kind of care you are receiving, nor do you need to explain to them why you are seeing the doctor or clinic.

Saying that you have a “confidential medical appointment” is sufficient. On the other hand, in order to verify that you have an appointment and when it is, school personnel can give the doctor or clinic a call. Your teachers need to provide an explanation for your absence and let you make up any work you missed.

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