Can You be Penalized if Your Dog Bites Anyone in India?

Can you be Penalized if your Dog bites Anyone in India?
Can you be Penalized if your Dog bites Anyone in India?

Can you be Penalized if your Dog bites Anyone in India?:- In India, the term "penalizing" refers to the legal practice of inflicting penalties or sanctions on people or companies that have disobeyed the rules and regulations of the nation. The Indian legal system may decide to penalize someone through fines, incarceration, or other measures.

The major legal law in India for punishing criminal acts is the Indian Penal law (IPC). From less serious acts like theft and assault to more serious ones like murder and fraud, it describes several crimes and their punishments, outlining the consequences for each. If your dog bites someone, you might face consequences under the IPC, which will be covered in more detail in this article. 

Can you be Penalized if your Dog bites Anyone in India?

In India, the punishment for dog bite cases under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) focuses largely on the duties of dog owners and the repercussions of their carelessness or wrongdoing. In situations involving dog bites, IPC Sections 289 and 289A are applicable. Section 289 concerns carelessness toward animals, particularly dogs. A person who is found guilty of negligence in permitting a dog to run loose and injure someone may be sentenced to up to six months in jail, a fine, or both.

The responsibility of dog owners for injuries caused by their pets is covered under Section 289A. If a dog owner knows their dog has a history of biting or injuring people but still lets it roam free, and the dog bites someone, they might spend up to two years in jail, pay a fine, or both.

While encouraging responsible ownership and the management of violent dogs, these measures seek to make dog owners responsible for the behavior of their animals and secure recompense for victims of dog bite events. Dog ownership and culpability in dog bite cases may also be governed by local municipal legislation and the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI).

Responsibilities of Dog Owners

Dog owners in India are required to fulfill a number of obligations to make sure that their canines don’t represent a harm to others or attack humans. These obligations consist of:

  1. Dog owners in India are required to leash and supervise their canines, especially while they are in public places, to prevent them from approaching or biting strangers. Particularly when it comes to children and other vulnerable people, supervision is essential.
  2. Training and Socialization: To reduce aggressive behavior, owners should provide their dogs opportunities for socialization and basic obedience training. A dog’s behaviors and reactions may be controlled with the right training.
  3. Vaccination and identification: It’s crucial for public safety to keep pets vaccinated, especially against rabies. In order to demonstrate ownership and make it easier to find their dogs in the event that they become lost or are engaged in an incident, owners should also make sure their dogs are wearing identity tags.
Owner will be punished if pet animal will bite anyone


In India, dog owners are required by law to keep their canines from hurting other people. Sections 289 and 289A of the Indian Penal Code specify punishments for carelessness or misbehavior that results in dog attacks. The significance of restraint, training, and monitoring in preventing aggressive behavior in dogs is highlighted by these legislative measures.

In addition, responsible ownership, which includes adequate immunization and identification, protects public safety and guarantees legal observance. In summary, abiding by these legal requirements and ethical standards is essential for encouraging a secure and peaceful cohabitation of dogs and the community in India while also averting any legal repercussions.


Can you go to jail if your dog bites someone in India?

Pet owners can face jail time and a ₹5,000 fine for dog bites, injuries, or killings, while pet owners without vaccinations may face lawsuits.

What is the new rule for dog bite in India?

Authorities are required to compensate victims with a minimum of Rs 10,000 for bite wounds and Rs 20,000 for skin removal, with compensation varying based on the extent of the injury.

Can a dog get put down for biting someone?

A judge can order a dog to be put down in certain situations, such as if the dog has a history of violent behavior or caused significant damage, but this is typically a last resort after exploring other alternatives like rehabilitation.

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