Cheapest way to Divorce in Florida

Cheapest way to Divorce in Florida:- It can be costly and distressing to dissolve your marriage. However, if you want to lower the expense of your divorce in Florida, you have choices—as long as you and your partner can cooperate and reach a consensus on the matters at hand. Additionally, assistance is offered if you need it.

Cheapest way to Divorce in Florida
Cheapest way to Divorce in Florida

It is important to understand Florida legislation before filing for divorce, as well as what needs to be done in order to complete the proceedings affordably. The way you and your spouse handle the divorce will largely determine how much money you wind up spending on it. That’s why you have to get ready for it so that it goes smoothly, quickly, and affordably.

The Florida Divorce Process’s Most Affordable Way

Doing it alone, or pro se, is the least expensive option to obtain a divorce in Florida. To do this, you must pay the relevant filing fee and submit the required paperwork and documentation to the court. A divorce in Florida can also be obtained without an attorney if all provisions of the agreement are met, such as property distribution, alimony, and child support and custody.

The expense of Filing for Divorce in Florida Without An Attorney

Divorce in Florida can be filed without paying a lawyer’s fees, but there are still other expenses involved. Florida Statutes Title XLVI, Domestic Relations, Chapter 61 states that the filing fee is $409, which must be paid in full at the time the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed. There may also be other expenses related to filing for divorce, including court fees, filing fees, and other miscellaneous fees.

How to File for a Florida Divorce Without Having a Lawyer?

Completing the required documents is the first step in filing for divorce in Florida without legal representation. A Marriage Settlement Agreement and other necessary supporting papers must be submitted to the court with the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The complete filing fee must be paid in addition to the paperwork. There will be a hearing scheduled following the completion and filing of the forms. A judge will assess the divorce settlement agreement and deliver a final divorce judgement after both parties appear in court on the scheduled date.

Is it Possible to File for Divorce for Free in Florida? (Cheapest way to Divorce in Florida)

If the filing costs for a standard or simplified dissolution petition are too much for you to pay, you can file an Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status instead. Your income, assets, debts, and other financial obligations must all be disclosed in full.

You will be informed by the court clerk if you are eligible for a payment plan or a waiver of the filing fees. Florida Statutes §§ 57.081, 57.082 (2022).

Advice for Florida Residents Seeking Low-Cost Divorce

Here are some additional suggestions to help you save money on your divorce after learning about the guidelines and procedures for obtaining the least expensive divorce in Florida.

  • In Florida, individuals with lower incomes may seek for divorce under the indigent status. If you are eligible, submit an Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status to have your $408 filing expenses reduced to a just $25 administrative fee.
  • Limit the usage of attorneys, use paralegals, and offer free consultations. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on legal counsel. Take advantage of a free consultation to receive the answers you need if you only have questions about what to do next. You can hire a paralegal for a fraction of the cost if you need help with paperwork or guidance through the procedure. They are not qualified to offer you legal advice, but they are enough familiar with the procedure to assist with the red tape. If you do require legal assistance, only seek it when it is absolutely required. It’s possible that you could complete the documentation on your own and then hire an attorney to review it.
  • Think about getting a divorce online. For thousands of dollars cheaper than a lawyer, many excellent online divorce organisations can choose and finish your divorce documents. The procedure is easy to follow, quick, and done from the comfort of your own home. You can also get filing instructions and a guarantee of court approval from websites such as comwill.

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