Minnesota License Plate Requirements

Minnesota License Plate Requirements:- Most cars owned by Minnesotans and used on public highways must have a Minnesota licence plate. When you relocate to Minnesota or purchase a car, all you have to do is register your vehicle to apply for tags. You must renew your registration in order to renew licence plates. If your licence plates or stickers are broken, lost, or stolen, you will need to replace them.

You can mail or pick them up in person. Lastly, find out more about Minnesota’s tools for licence plate lookup and registration.

How to Obtain Minnesota Licence Plates

When a car owner buys a new or used vehicle, they must get a Minnesota DMV licence plate. As a result, drivers need to buy new licence plates from the state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS), which oversees the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division.

Generally speaking, there are several options available for MN vehicle registration plates, ranging from regular car tags to speciality plates.

Car owners need to be aware that, once the first registration process is finished, they must renew their licence plate credentials once a year in order to keep these documents valid. If you would like to learn how to obtain a licence plate in Minnesota or how to replace or renew your current driver’s licence plate.

License plate requirements

Minnesota has certain laws governing licence plates, such as:

  • Licence plates should be shown correctly on the front and back of the car.
  • Use of DMV-issued licence plates that are current and have not expired.
  • Adherence to the readability and visibility standards for plates.

Guidelines for Registration and Renewal

Minnesota has laws and rules governing the renewal and registration of automobiles, including:

  • Vehicle registration renewals should be done on time to avoid fines.
  • Submitting the necessary paperwork and paying the relevant fees.
  • Adherence to the notice and registration transfer requirements for car transfers.

Minnesota Licence Plate Types

Every time a car owner in Minnesota buys a new or used vehicle, they are required by state law to get new car tags. In the state, the majority of car models are needed to have two licence plates visible, sometimes known as a double plate issue. Some varieties, meanwhile, just need one plate.

Among the vehicles that need two licence plates are cars, lorries, vans, pickups, and buses. Trailers, motorbikes, mopeds, dealer cars, and qualified collector automobiles are a few examples of vehicles that must have a single DVS licence plate on the back of them. Tractors and other farm vehicles only require one licence plate, however it has to be visible from the front of the vehicle.

Drivers may acquire a basic passenger plate, commercial plate, special registration plate, specialised plate, recreational plate, or personalised plate when they need to obtain licence plate credentials after buying a new or old car. In Minnesota, dealer permits or plates, handicapped plates, prorate plates, weight class plates, or local tax-exempt plates are among the other options for automobile registration tags.

Furthermore, if you buy a car from a state-licensed dealership, you can get a temporary 21-day DVS car tag permit. A 31-day non-resident permit is one of the additional permits that are available; you can get one at a nearby DVS office.

Display of Licence Plates

It’s crucial that licence plates are shown properly. Regulations in Minnesota include:

  • Firmly attaching licence plates on the car in the correct locations.
  • Avoiding anything that could hinder your view of the licence plate.
  • Keeping licence plates undamaged and unaltered so they can be read.

How to Update Minnesota Licence Plate Information (Minnesota License Plate Requirements)

The majority of the time, car owners have to renew their licence plate stickers before the end of the month in which the vehicle expires. As a result, drivers can renew their Minnesota vehicle registration online, in person, or by mail. Applicants must utilise the official DVS website to renew licence plate privileges online. The last three digits of the applicant’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and their number plate number are required during the process.

On the other hand, car owners can apply for a renewed licence plate by mail or in person at a DVS office. You must follow the directions on your registration renewal letter if you would like to do so via mail.

New month and year registration stickers will be sent to you by the DVS once your licence plate credentials have been renewed. Upon receiving the new car tag stickers, you have 10 days to put them on the licence plate of the vehicle before midnight in the month that the registration expires. Generally speaking, drivers are required to affix the stickers in the lower left and right corners of the licence plate.

Fees for Minnesota Licence Plates

Depending on the kind of licence you want, Minnesota has different prices for licence plates. The standard rates for the majority of licence plate types in Minnesota are as follows:

  • $10 is the filing fee for special plates, plate transfers, or duplicate plates.
  • The cost of passenger plates is $6 for two plates or $4.50 for one.
  • $4.50 for caravan plates or $2.50 for an everlasting adhesive sticker is the cost.
  • The cost of vehicle plates is $6 for two plates or $4.50 for one.
  • Fee of $4.50 for plates for motorcycles or mopeds
  • The $6 filing fee for your plates will need to be paid each time your vehicle registration needs to be renewed, regardless of the type of Minnesota licence plate you decide to buy.

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