What is the new Increased Minimum wage in Menlo Park in 2024? Here’s everything you should know

Minimum wage in Menlo Park
:- enlo Park is all set to increase its Minimum Wage by 0.50 dollars per hour Effecting from 1st January 2024. In this article you will get to know what is the minimum wage in Menlo Park and what else should known by an Employee.

Minimum wage in Menlo Park
Minimum wage in Menlo Park; Image Credit:- Getty Image

New Increased Minimum Wage in Menlo Park in 2024:

City Council received and filed the yearly $0.50 per hour inflation protection adjustment for a local minimum wage that was approved at the meeting on October 10. The authorised local minimum wage in Menlo Park will rise from $16.20 to $16.70 per hour on January 1, 2024. Visit the homepage for the local minimum wage ordinance to learn more about the minimum age requirements for both employers and employees. 

The approved local minimum wage is subject to an automatic annual inflation adjustment under the Menlo Park Municipal Code (MPMC), with the option for the City Council to revoke the change.

Employers should be aware of:

According to the City of Menlo Park, the local minimum wage legislation (legislation No. 1058) was passed to give workers in the area a higher living income to help them fulfil their basic necessities in contrast to the harshness of the Bay Area’s high living expenses. The City thinks that raising the minimum wage benefits both individuals and the economy by keeping families out of poverty.

The minimum wage ordinance’s main objectives are to lessen instability, high workplace turnover, and absenteeism. By giving people steady, well-paying jobs, communities can make plans for the future and strengthen their financial resilience. The ordinance reaffirms that a liveable wage is necessary for the general well-being of the City as well as for employees.

Employers and Employees Covered

Employers who conduct business in Menlo Park, are subject to Menlo Park’s business licence requirements, or have a Menlo Park business facility are required to pay all employees who work at least two (2) hours per week within the city’s boundaries the Menlo Park minimum wage.

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