Required age to carry a gun in Mississippi

Required age to carry a gun in Mississippi:- Mississippi has rules governing the sale, purchase, and general usage of firearms and ammunition. The following provides more general information on Mississippi's gun laws. Mississippi has some of the most lax gun laws out of all the states.

Required age to carry a gun in Mississippi

  • A pistol cannot be knowingly owned by anyone under the age of 18 unless they are:
  • Taking part in a hunter’s education programme or a firearms safety course; –
  • At a legal shooting range or competition; –
  • Hunting or trapping, if permitted; – 
  • Carrying an unloaded handgun to or from the aforementioned activities; – 
  • On private property under the supervision of an adult who has given permission for the minor to carry a handgun; or – Using a handgun to protect oneself from immediate danger.

Concealed Carrying Does Not Require a Permit

In Mississippi, carrying a concealed firearm in public is permitted without the need for a specific authorization. This implies that purchasing a pistol and carrying it in public are permitted without the need to complete any firearms training courses or clear a criminal background check.

A person may even be able to carry a concealed weapon into schools and other locations where it is not allowed with the right authorization.

A suitable applicant will receive their licence to carry a concealed handgun or revolver in approximately forty-five days. It is not necessary to carry a concealed or visible firearm in a car with this licence, which is good for five years. The minimum age to carry is 21, much like in most places where it’s legal to carry a weapon without a permit. To carry a concealed weapon, a person in these states is also usually need to not be legally prohibited from having a handgun.

Where in Mississippi Can I Buy a Gun?

You are prepared to purchase a firearm from a licenced Mississippi merchant now that you understand the fundamentals. Background checks are necessary when buying a long gun for the first time at age 18 or your precious pistol at age 21. Mississippi is not a state where the NICS has a point of contact.

As a result, no state law requires licenced shops to investigate the backgrounds of potential purchasers before transferring a handgun. However, state-licensed shops are required to perform a background check right away using the FBI (NISC) database.

To purchase a firearm, any non-resident who possesses the necessary out-of-state permits may apply for a gun permit. Those with active duty commissions stationed in Mississippi who are currently licenced in another state may also qualify. The same process must be followed by retired law enforcement officials who want to settle in Mississippi.

Different Mississippi Gun Permit Types

The following is an overview of Mississippi’s gun laws:

  • State permission to buy long guns: Long firearms are not permitted to be purchased in Mississippi.
  • State permissions for gun purchases: Mississippi does not grant state permits for the purchase of firearms.
  • Because Mississippi is a permissive state, no state licence is needed in order to open carry.
  • State permissions for carrying long firearms covertly: Mississippi does not grant state permits for carrying long guns covertly.
  • State permits for carrying concealed weapons: The state of Mississippi grants permits for carrying concealed weapons.

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