Beyond Black and White: Examining the Benefits of Censorship, Nuances & its Impact

Benefits of Censorship
Benefits of Censorship

Benefits of Censorship: The internet is available to all common people and with the help of internet anyone can extract any available data or graphics etc. But how it is decided to whether a particular pictorial representation or graphical data should be made available on the internet or not? This is done through Censorship. In this article you will come to know that what are the benefits of Censorship.

What is Censorship?

Censorship is the act of altering, suppressing, or outlawing writing or speech that is thought to be detrimental to society as a whole.

Since internet filtering works to stop websites from posting explicit and graphic content, there are several benefits to it.

Internet restriction has many different justifications, but they all generally aim for the same result. An oversight body aims to promote a positive experience by preventing access to certain content, rather than letting people decide for themselves what is wholesome.

Is it necessary to censor the internet?

Internet filtering first and foremost shields your kids from improper and dangerous content, such as videos of beheadings or other violent crimes. This is among the many arguments put up to support the notion that censorship benefits society as a whole.

On the other hand, censorship restricts your online freedom. Internet censorship critics contend that limiting access to information, no matter how accurate, results in a loss of freedom. Using their justifications, we might say that censorship limits your freedom to access and consume the stuff you desire.

With restricted access to information, how can censorship be beneficial?

Benefits of Censorship:

Government documents are kept out of the hands of dangerous people, and youngsters are shielded from objectionable content by censorship. When it comes to removing rights outlined in the Constitution and establishing unfair standards for men and women, censorship can be detrimental. These illustrations demonstrate how censorship may have both positive and negative consequences on society.

List of Benefits of Censorship:

Internet censorship prevents users from viewing potentially harmful content.

Internet censoring is a common tool used by parents to shield their kids from potentially harmful content found online. An instance of this pertains to the Momo challenge. Even with limits in place, films accessed through YouTube Kids have been reported to encourage self-harm and suicide, even if the actual occurrence is more of an urban legend than a hoax.

Parents can restrict their children’s access to pornography, violent content, and other types of “scary” content that they may find damaging by providing tools that let them manage what their kids see.

Aids in Preserving National Security

Government organisations are aware that disclosing information online might jeopardise national security. Posts including confidential economic data, footage of military operations and strategies, and other compromising material are examples of sensitive content that could endanger our nation. Even though it’s commonly believed that the US is the land of unrestricted freedom, there are legitimate reasons for internet censorship when it comes to safeguarding the US economy or other elements that could affect our standing in the international marketplace.

Internet censorship prevents access to unlawful content.

You have experienced a tiny portion of what can occur online if you have ever received a marketing notice from a credit agency informing you that they can search the dark web for information about your identity. If you’re prepared to look for them, you can find child pornography, human trafficking, illicit drug exchanges, murder-for-hire, and many more extreme aspects of humanity. Law enforcement and government organisations can restrict this content from the public while going after the original creators when Internet censorship laws are allowed.

Limits Access to Child Pornography and Other Dangerous Content

Though everyone has heard of the “dark web,” is it a real location? Sadly, the answer is yes, and these actions take place in unexpected locations. The internet was very different years ago when most people used it for self-censorship. Everything is moving these days, and local governments are under pressure to uphold free speech while enacting internet regulations that block offensive or dangerous content.

People can buy and sell drugs, engage in human trafficking, and even distribute child pornography through websites like Craigslist and Facebook. Over the past ten years, the dark web has expanded significantly, encompassing file-sharing websites such as ISOHunt, TOR, and Pirate Bay.

Removes Misleading/Fake News: 

With news media sites popping up everywhere, it can be difficult to distinguish between real and fake news. Well-known news organisations like CNN, Fox, and CNBC are no longer the only ones on the internet; many other sites exist that make money only by posting false or misleading articles online. By implementing a robust internet censorship programme, this censorship could probably cut down on the amount of fake news. In the past few election cycles, the spread of fake news on social media has presented significant challenges.

Protects Privacy

Online censorship programmes are quite helpful, particularly if you have trouble gaining access to offensive, violent, or unpleasant content. Usually, internet restriction takes care of that automatically for you. This also applies to unlawful activity and anything that generally restricts the right to free speech. Automated internet censoring technologies have several benefits, especially when they target websites that are known to traffic in incorrect information. More crucially, there are instances where online leaks of personal data occur. This information could be used against you by strangers, harming your reputation. This content’s censorship can assist safeguard your privacy and repair any damage to your reputation.

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