Types of Handheld Guns 

Types of Handheld Guns :- Since they revolutionized combat and became indispensable means for personal security, handheld firearms have been instrumental in determining the path of history. We shall examine the types, uses, and historical importance of the wide range of portable weapons in this article. These weapons have changed throughout the years, reflecting improvements in technology, design, and utility, from traditional revolvers to cutting-edge semi-automatic pistols.

Types of Handheld Guns

Handheld weapons come in a wide variety, from traditional revolvers and semi-automatic pistols for self-defense to shotguns for home defense and hunting. For a variety of combat situations, the military and law enforcement rely on submachine guns, assault rifles, and machine pistols.


Revolvers are among the earliest styles of handguns, distinguished by their spinning cylinders that may accommodate several rounds. The American Civil War and the Wild West era saw a significant increase in the use of these firearms. They are adaptable options for both personal protection and sport shooting since they are dependable, simple to use, and available in a range of calibers.

Semi-Automatic Pistol

Self-loading handguns, often known as semi-automatic pistols, have grown to be the norm for law enforcement and home protection. These weapons enable rapid firing without manual reloading by using the energy of recoil to expel spent casings and chamber a new cartridge. Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Glock are well-known brands of semi-automatic handguns.


Small, pocket-sized pistols called derringers are frequently made for close-range self-defense. These single- or double-barreled firearms are renowned for their small stature and ease of use, which makes them simple to hide. Although they don’t have the same amount of firepower as bigger guns, their stealthiness can be useful in some circumstances.


Shotguns are adaptable weapons made for a variety of uses, including home defense and hunting. These firearms discharge shells that include several pellets or a single slug, offering a broad distribution of projectiles or a concentrated amount of stopping force, respectively. There are many gauges of shotguns, with the 12-gauge being the most common.

Gun Submachine

Compact automatic weapons known as submachine guns are often utilized by military and law enforcement agencies. They can fire a large number of rounds in a brief period of time and are built for close-quarters fighting. Submachine guns, such as the renowned Uzi and Heckler & Koch MP5, are excellent examples.

Attack Rifle

Selective-fire weapons like assault rifles may shoot in both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. They are often employed by armed forces all over the world. The M16/M4 series and the AK-47 are two of the most recognizable assault rifles, known for their dependability and extensive use.

Machine Pistol

Machine pistols are small, automatic weapons that fall in between handguns and submachine guns in terms of design. These weapons are portable and simple to use while yet having rapid firing capability. Machine guns like the Glock 18 and Beretta 93R are well-known models.


There are many different types of portable weapons, each with special characteristics and intended uses. The world of weapons is large and diverse, ranging from the time-tested dependability of revolvers to the cutting-edge technology of semi-automatic pistols. Shotguns are versatile for both hunting and self-defense, while derringers are small and covert possibilities for self-defense.

Machine pistols provide a combination of firepower and mobility, while submachine guns and assault rifles are indispensable equipment for the military and law enforcement.

It is essential to understand that using or possessing a firearm entails a tremendous deal of responsibility. To prevent accidents and abuse, safety instruction and strict adherence to weapons rules are essential. Knowing the various sorts of handguns is only the first step; proper ownership and use are equally important.

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