Elimination of Pink Tax in California                                                                                                                              

Good News for the Female or any individual who use female products as California introduced the Elimination of Pink Tax on  1st January 2023. 

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The companies who sell the products are the ones who impose the pink tax, not the government. Experts contend that market forces are to blame for the gap in prices.

Clothing, toys, and healthcare supplies are among the items in this discrepancy. Personal care and hygiene items saw the biggest difference, with women's products costing 13% more than men's.

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For example a razor for a male by company ‘x’ is sold at $10 whereas, the same company who makes a razor for female sells at $11. Though ,their design and functioning are completely same the.....

In spite of this, women continue to pay more on average for identical products that are promoted exclusively to women and are frequently just a different colour - a phenomenon known as the "Pink Tax."

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Penalties for breaking the new rule are substantially harsher than those permitted by the gender-based pricing ban in New York for businesses: a civil fine of up to $10,000 for a first offence.

$1,000 for each successive offence, with a cap of $100,000 on the total fine. Every time two basically equivalent things are priced differently, there has been a violation.