Do It Yourself Divorce: Kansas 

Do It Yourself Divorce:- In Kansas, a couple can opt to end their marriage on their own through the legal procedure of a "do it yourself" divorce, which does not require the help of a mediator or attorney. This method can be simple and inexpensive, but in order to properly finish the procedure, you must be aware of the paperwork you'll need, the possible costs, and the legal requirements.

Do It Yourself Divorce: Kansas 
Do It Yourself Divorce: Kansas 

Legal Conditions in Kansas for a Do-It-Yourself Divorce (Do It Yourself Divorce: Kansas )

There are requirements that must be fulfilled in Kansas before a DIY divorce can be started. The divorce must have been filed after at least sixty days of residency for one of the spouses in Kansas. Furthermore, neither partner may be expecting a child, and the couple cannot have any children under the age of 18. The split of assets and debts must also be agreed upon by both partners, and neither should be requesting alimony.

The couple can move on by submitting a joint petition for divorce if these requirements are satisfied. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to speak with an attorney to be sure all legal criteria are satisfied and the required documentation is properly filed.

What a DIY Divorce in Kansas Costs:

Even while doing it alone might save money compared to hiring an attorney in Kansas, there are still costs associated with it. The following expenses are possible to think about:

  1. Court costs: Depending on the county in which you submit your case, Kansas has filing costs related to divorce matters. It is advised to find out the precise amount by contacting the relevant court.
  2. Divorce Forms: To help you with the procedure, you might need to obtain divorce forms or templates. These forms can be obtained for a fee from providers of legal documents or on the court’s website.
  3. Counseling or Mediation: You may need to engage counseling or mediation services if you and your spouse are unable to come to a consensus on certain matters. The mediator or counselor you select will determine the price of these services.
  4. Miscellaneous Expenses: You should also budget for notary fees for document signatures, postage charges for document mailings, and any additional expenditures associated with serving your spouse with documents.

Kansas Self-Domestic Divorce Forms

  1. The initial divorce petition, which includes basic details about you, your spouse, and your marriage, is what initiates the divorce process.
  2. Domestic Relations Affidavit: This document includes specifics on your earnings, out-of-pocket costs, possessions, and debts.
  3. Child Custody and Visitation Worksheet: This worksheet assists in drafting a parenting plan that details visitation and custody rights if you are a parent.
  4. Child Support Worksheet: Using income, spending, and other variables, this worksheet helps determine child support obligations.
  5. The ultimate document outlining the conditions of your divorce, such as property distribution, child custody, and maintenance, is called a decree of divorce.

Remember that the particular paperwork you need could change based on your own circumstances. To make sure you fill out the right documents and follow the right processes, it is advised that you speak with a lawyer or other legal practitioner.


If a couple wants to dissolve their marriage without paying for legal counsel, they might choose to handle their own divorce in Kansas. It is important to be cognizant of the particular legal obligations and associated expenses, nevertheless. Seeking legal advice is advised if your case includes complicated financial affairs or child custody disputes. Keep in mind that this material is general in nature, and it is always advisable to speak with an attorney or carry out more research to obtain precise and current details on the price and procedure of a do-it-yourself divorce in Kansas.

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