Logical Fallacy Activity 2024

Logical Fallacy Activity 2024
Logical Fallacy Activity

What is Logical Fallacy?

Logical Fallacy Activity:- An argument that appears valid or convincing but is erroneous is known as a logical fallacy. Leaps in reasoning that result in an unsubstantiated conclusion are known as logical fallacies. Individuals may purposefully make logical fallacies to deceive others, or they may do so accidentally as a result of flawed reasoning.

Example of a logical fallacy:

“Useless courses like English 101 should be dropped from the curriculum,” according to a group of students. The group members then quickly move on, claiming that no one wants to pay money on a pointless course, without providing an explanation for why they believe English 101 is useless.

Ideas for Logical Fallacies Lessons

  • To educate pupils how to spot flawed logic and reasoning, consider implementing any of the following strategies.
  • Look for instances of logical fallacies in an essay that has already been written or in a draft essay.
  • Find five instances of logical fallacies in political speeches, advertisements, signs, or television programmes. Determine the kind of fallacy.
  • Write a paper that includes at least five distinct instances of flawed logic.
  • Create a poster showcasing the many forms of reasoning mentioned above.
  • Start a debate using flawed reasoning.
  • As you introduce the topic, use instances of pupils being punished for flawed reasoning.
  • Bring in copies of tabloid-style newspapers such as The Globe, The New York Times, and The National Enquirer to identify instances of flawed reasoning.

Logical fallacies types

There are a number of methods for identifying and categorising fallacies, including form similarity and the psychological factors that influence their use. Depending on the type of reasoning error included in the argument, there are two basic categories of logical fallacies in general:

  • haphazard logical errors
  • Fallacies in formal logic
  • haphazard logical errors

An informal logical fallacy is a mistake in an argument’s content, meaning it is predicated on erroneous or irrelevant premises.

Activities on Logical Fallacy: (Logical Fallacy Activity)

Instructions: Determine the premise and conclusion of the argument itself.The assumption and logical fallacy being made should then be noted.

1. It is a good moral idea to follow the Golden Rule.It is the cornerstone of every ethical system in every society.

In summary: The Golden Rule is a good moral guideline.

The underlying assumption of every ethical system in every society is

Presumption: Since it is prevalent throughout numerous civilizations, it is sound.Its widespread use is proof that it is sound.

Fail: Give in to the majority

2. Imports from abroad are ruining our economy and exploiting our workers, who are the backbone of this nation.Purchase American!Before you spend your money on that Honda, consider the Detroit man whose children might go without food tomorrow.

In summary, buy American!

Premise: Some guys’ kids won’t eat tomorrow. Assumption: I should base my purchases on the fact that someone is starving.

Drawback: Emotional appeal

3. In my opinion, America ought to exercise greater caution when it comes to the alliances and treaties it signs with other countries.Ultimately, didn’t George Washington issue the caution against foreign meddling?

In conclusion, America needs to exercise greater caution when it comes to the international organisations it joins and the treaties it signs.

Concept: George Washington cautioned against foreign entanglements.

Because George Washington stated something, it had to be true or valuable.

Deficiency: Cite authority

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