Parking Laws in  Virginia                                                                                                                                

All parking tickets in Virginia are handled by the Virginia Municipal courts. These procedures allow localities to set their own parking regulations in VA.

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Except in cases of an emergency, an accident, or a mechanical failure, no one shall stop a vehicle in such a way as to obstruct or make dangerous the use of the roadway by others.

Section 46.2-1215- It is against the law to leave automobiles on private land; counties, cities, and municipalities are allowed to make provisions for removal and disposal; and notice of disposition.

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Section 46.2-1231- Owners or operators of parking lots or other lots or buildings may issue tickets, remove trespassing vehicles, or impair them; they may also face prosecution.

Any parking lot, parking area, parking space in a parking lot or area, or any portion of a parking lot or area, or another lot or building, involving any county.

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Section 46.2-1233- The cost of towing may be regulated locally. The governing body of any locality may, by ordinance, set reasonable caps on the costs associated with removing motor vehicles,,,

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